Building commUNITY through dance.

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picture4This is an exciting time for Malashock Dance, and we want to invite you to be a part of the important work we are doing to enhance our community through the art of dance! With your support, we will continue to provide the innovative programs that reach thousands of children, students, families, and audiences each year.

This year is the 10th Anniversary of the Malashock Dance School, which touches the lives of individuals of all ages and abilities. We are committed to providing classes and workshops that that help each student reach their full potential. The Danah Fayman Scholarship Program has been established to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to dance. Your contribution will help us eliminate financial barriers for those who are in need, for years to come. Over 4,000 students in San Diego participate in our in-school education outreach programs, and when you donate, it will make a lasting impact on each child who receives the gift of dance.

picture3Our 2017 Artistic Season celebrates the strength of collaboration. As we look ahead with excitement and anticipation, we are happy to announce our new project Minor Fall, Major Lift—a live music and dance production presented in collaboration with Art of Élan. Your contribution will support our extraordinary Company of dancers so we can deliver the high caliber dance that you expect. Together, we can make this project one of the most exciting performing arts endeavors San Diego audiences will experience in 2017!

It is with deep gratitude and immense appreciation that we wish you a very happy Holiday Season and an inspiring new year!







Malashock Dance 2017 Season Sponsors*

Legacy Circle $100,000+

Danah Fayman, Enid Gleich, Madeline Goldberg, David Stutz in honor of Abbe Wolfsheimer


Anonymous, Martha Malashock

$5,000 – 14,999

Daniel & Phylis Epstein, Dr. Irwin & Joan Jacobs, Jeffrey & Sheila Lipinsky, Joyce Cutler Shaw

$2,500 – 4,999

Maureen & Charles King, Dr. William & Mrs. Evelyn Olsson Lamden, Jordan Ressler Charitable Fund Of The Jewish Community Foundation

$1,000 – 2,499

Flossie Cohen, Dan Goldfarb & Jennifer Landers, Ronald & Wynnona Goldman, Paul Henkart, Patricia O’Connor, Traci & Derek Ostertag, Paul Pietranico, John & Sarah Rebelo, Karin Sherr, Susan Arnout Smith & Alfred Toulon Smith, Jeanette Stevens, Julie Strong, Miriam Summ, Arthur & Molli Wagner

$250 – $999

Anonymous, Alon Ben-Efraim & Amy Spitler, Jill Bishop, Catherine Boedenauer, Lyman Christopher, Scott Delman & Tami Delman-Nakahara, Debbie Fellman, Heather Hawkins, James & Lois Lasry, John & Nina Malashock, Victor Maslov, Walter Olsen, Qualcomm Matching Grant Program, Paul Robinson & Trudy Stambook, Ronald & Anne Simon, Kate & George Willis

$100 – $249

Peter & Lorri Bauer, Ms. Phylaine Bemel, Joan Bernstein, Roberta Burnett, Anonymous, Rupert Essinger, Betsy Frank & John Kafka, Diana Glimm, Jerry & Linda Goldberg, Mr. Vince Hall, Gayle & Charlie Early, Mr. Bill & Sharon Hargreaves, Alexander & Edna Harper, Heather Hawkins, Robert, Jennifer & Catherine Heft, Barbara Katz, Linda Keller, Fang Lin, Fang Lin, Ms. Carol Manifold, Katy Mcdonald, Estelle & Jim Milch, Joani Nelson, Florence Nemkov & Bernard Eggertsen, Vicki Nenner, Vicki Nenner, Nessa O’shaughnessy, John David & Mary Peters, Margaret C. Price & Joel E. Tobiason, Anita Reith, Stuart Robinson, Neno Segura, Ms. Tracy Skaddan, Evelyn Spilka, Eugene & Hannah Step, Susan Stern, Gayle & Philip Tauber, Mildred Weisz, Louis Wolfsheimer, Cheryl Wood,

$1 – 99

Jessica Aceret, Gabriella Alcaraz, Richard Avery, Vincent Baglin, Bonnie & Lawrence Baron, Mary Benham, Ms. Ruth Bergstrom, Kevin Cabaniss, Ms. Samantha Caldwell, Ms. Samantha Caldwell, Stephen Clarey, Antoinette Cook, Patti & Coop Cooprider, Dace Corlett, Richard Cusac, Raymond Elstad, Mr. Paul Engel, Mr. Paul Engel, Zwanny Erickson, Judy Finn, Terry Fox, Mary Fujimoto, Mike & Nancy Glynn, Dale Goldman, David S. Golman, Ms. Christine Gomen, Ms. Claudia Godinez, James Grutowski, James Grutkowski, Nancy Haney, Jessica Hanson York, Jennifer Malley, Jennifer Malley, Kathleen Hearn, Emily Hernandez, Cecily Holcombe, James & Anne Hubbell, Ms. Nancy Huebner, James Ingalls, Miss Aubrey Jensen, Suzette Jimenez, Ashley Johnson, Ms. Jennifer Jones, Joshua Kennedy, Toby Kovalivker, Jenny Landers, Ms. Jean Linder, Ms. Anne Littrell, Anne Littrell, Patricia Low & Mark Majette, Joanna Mazurkiewicz, Ms. Martha E Mcphail, Mary & Mike Meyer, Sandra Miller, Joan L. Nelson, Joy Newbegin, My Hanh Nguyen, Miss Quynh Nguyen, Diana Nicastro, Ms. Karla Nicholass, James & Robin Olson, Jane Petering, Keith & Molly Puryear, Trevor Rachal, Ms. Sue Rosner, Rhonda Schwartz, Lisa H. Sejersen, Lenore Simon, Alyse Simon, Ms. Tracy Skaddan, Jacob Soble, Jean Stein, Charlotte Stern, Roger Stern, Julie Tibbetts, Will Toperoff, Kari Topzand, Karla Torres, Satchi Venkataraman, Sequoia Watson, Judith Wernicky, Saylor Wright,


*Donations & Pledges Made Between July 1,  2016 – March 30,  2017. We Sincerely Apologize For Any Omissions