Araceli Carrera

Araceli Carrera received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance Education from Arizona State University in 2001. Her involvement with dance and art has built a strong foundation within her teaching methods. From 2001-2006 she worked intensely through Eveoke Dance Theatre as visual artist, costume designer and outreach artist. Teaching hundreds of student’s hip-hop and academics through dance. In 2006 she took a trip to Cuba and studied under Cutumba, Ban Ra Ras and Narciso Medina Modern Dance Company and was invited to teach master classes to both Ban Ra Ras and Narciso Medina’s Dance Company. In San Diego she has also danced and trained Afro Cuban Dance with Silfredo La O Vigo and Omo Ache director Juan Carlos Blanco. Araceli is the Artistic Director of Danza, Impulse y Arte a San Diego based multi-generational dance company where Visual Art, Modern Technique and Afro Caribbean Dance come together to cultivate and celebrate Art/Dance DIVERSITY.