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Adult Classes ( Ages 17+)

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Malashock Dance is proud to offer San Diego’s most comprehensive traditional modern technique class schedule for adults, designed to develop the physical and artistic skillset of dancers. Our classes are rooted in sound technical development, led by expert instructors who are working professional dancers and hold certifications and experience in codified modern techniques like Graham and Horton.  Our classes are designed to challenge and motivate students in a positive and supportive environment. We encourage students to strive for excellence and foster a culture of artistic excellence.

Dress Code: Dance or athletic wear

Audition: No audition required.

Commitment: Our adult classes are flexible and designed to accommodate your busy life! Drop-in any time or purchase a class card that can be used in any class on the schedule. (They never expire!)




Youth Classes (Ages 3 – 17)

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Students who are serious about dance and looking for well-rounded and comprehensive dance training can audition to be placed in the training program at The Malashock Dance School. Our pre-professional courses are led by expert instructors who will give individualized attention and work to develop technical proficiency and artistic expression through regular weekly classes.

Dress Code and Code of Conduct expectations can be found in our School Handbook for 2019.

Commitment: Classes are designed to support and enhance the learning of students who are serious about their dance training. Tuition may be paid in full or in monthly installments. Tuition is not refundable. Credit for a future session may be given in extraordinary circumstances.



What is Modern Dance?

Modern Dance is a structured genre of dance that incorporates a vast and constantly evolving vocabulary of movement. It can be athletic, fast, slow, high impact, gentle, loud, silent, frantic and still. In classes, you will experience a wide variety of movements, tempos, and emotions. It is an excellent way to get a great workout while listening to a wide variety of music. There’s something for everyone in Modern Dance. Improvisation and your own personal interpretation of dance moves are often used to increase body awareness and tap into a physical expression of your emotions. You name it, you’ll probably find it in a Modern dance class. In its sophistication, it has developed many styles and techniques. The beauty of it is that it allows freedom which can be initiated by music or by an internal theme or inspiration. Modern Dance is based on the foundations of techniques developed by artists such as Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Jose Limon, and many others.

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Hours: 9:00am – 5:00p.m. M-F

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