Contemporary with Rachel C

Rachel Catalano brings years of teaching experience to Adult Contemporary. At the core of her teaching is the belief that the most profound impact you can have on someone’s life is to make them feel understood and that art is the vehicle to that. As a result, this athletic, well-rounded class utilizes self-discovery and improvisation to help movers feel comfortable in class.

This is an active class that involves moving in and out of the floor on a regular basis. Modifications are always available and questions are a welcome part of class.


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Advanced Modern with Natalia


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Intermediate Modern

Rachel’s class consists of a full-body warm-up, technical center work covering a variety of styles including fall/release movement style with swings and under/over curves and sharp/angular movement style with flat backs and laterals, and expansive movements and jumps/turns across the floor

The class will conclude with a segment of choreography that will give dancers an opportunity to explore musicality and give them some artistic freedom
Rachel welcomes questions and modifications will always be available in a judgment-free, non-competitive environment.

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Contemporary with Janine

Ms. Js Adult Contemporary class combines modern technique, floor work, and musicality to create a fun yet challenging learning dance environment. You can expect to have a proper warm-up (let’s feel the burn), across the floor movements that will involve level changes (think slides, rolls, and inversions), and an intermediate combination that is always inspired by the music.

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Dance With thisABILITY

DWTA is a an upbeat, highly energetic dance class designed for movers ages 10+.



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