Creative Dance

Saturday 10:00 – 10:50 a.m. (Ages 4-5)

Creative dance is an exciting way for young children to develop their motor and social skills, channel their energy, stimulate their imagination, and promote creativity and healthy self-esteem in a fun-filled and positive dance environment.

Students will:

  • Learn and practice loco-motor skills (skipping, turning, spinning, level changes, etc).
  • Learn and practice social skills (taking turns, working cooperatively, contributing ideas, learning to follow directions without mom or dad, etc).
  • Learn proper dance vocabulary.
  • Build strength and flexibility.
  • Build cognitive skills through engaging creativity, pattern recognition, problem solving, and use of imagination.
  • MOVE and DANCE during the class.
  • Participate with students of mixed abilities on occasion.

Students will not:

  • Be shamed or corrected in a negative way
  • Stand/sit still or practice stagnant positions for long periods of time.
  • Be forced to “sit out” as punishment (unless the class is being severely disrupted, in which case a student may be quietly escorted out of the studio so that parents can encourage positive behavior in dance class).