San Diego Dance Community Conversation

Malashock Dance and Movement Catalyst San Diego invite all dance community members to join us in a community conversation. Our goal is to share experiences in a safe space and to co-create a more equitable dance community.
This community forum is an opportunity for the San Diego Dance Community to come together and address, discuss, and learn from each other’s experiences in order to move forward as a more equitable dance community. Malashock Dance acknowledges its participation and benefit from systems that have caused harm and is open to hearing your feedback and committed to working together to heal and increase trust. In partnership with Movement Catalyst San Diego, we are hosting this event in order to:

● To listen to and acknowledge concerns and gain feedback on ways  Malashock Dance can be a positive ally to the BIPOC dance community.

● To create an opportunity for community members to share their experiences,  feel seen, and heard.
● To hold a clear and mindful conversation sharing ideas openly within the context of program development and resource sharing in the spirit of  collaboration and mutual benefit.
● To offer ideas about moving forward with a more equitable community.
● To receive constructive input on Malashock Dance’s past, present, and future.
● Establish an accountability plan for Malashock Dance to implement better equity practices based on feedback gathered at the community forum.
We hope that this model serves as inspiration for other organizations to facilitate similar conversations and continue to take action to do better for our amazing and diverse community.


August 7, 2021
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm