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Gloria Lanuza


Gloria has many years of professional free-lance work as a featured performance artist in concert and commercial venues internationally since childhood. She also has extensive experience in teaching students of all ages and backgrounds in studios, schools and workshops internationally since 2007. In 2009 she also founded and incorporated Lanuza-Morales, an educational academy and performance company, consisting of her talented filled family and other professional performing artists.

Ms. Lanuza currently is performing internationally and here in San Diego with Café Sevilla, SD Bellydance Co, The MKM Bollystars USA, The San Diego Camarada, Ooh La La Dance Company, Emilio Modern Gypsy, The West Coast Cabaret and continues to direct and perform with her own performance companies. Gloria Lanuza, throughout her years of experience as an artist, is dedicated to developing exciting and unique approaches of fusing styles and cultures together to create an exhilarating experience in her classes, performances, and artist collaborations.


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