This year, Malashock Dance is starting to evolve artistically, and will begin including many more choreographic voices in our programming. Malashock Dance will commission a number of short (4-6 minute), small-configuration works (solo, duet, trio, quartet) for our shows in November (at Mingei Museum’s new performance space Nov 5-7, and at Liberty Station Nov 19-21). 


  • Choreographer’s Fee – $750 

  • Dancers can be chosen from Malashock Dance Company members, but we are open to other dancers as well

  • Dancers will be hired by Malashock Dance as Seasonal or Part-time employees, paid by MD at established rates ($20/hr for rehearsals, $35/hr for performance calls, $14/hr meetings)

  • Rehearsals will generally take place at one of the two Malashock Dance studios, subject to studio and dancer availability, but we are open to other rehearsal spaces if you have access at no cost

  • Work can begin anytime, starting from mid-September. However, the bulk of rehearsals will take place in October

  • Number of rehearsal hours will be discussed and agreed to, based on length and size of the work

  • Malashock Dance will be responsible for all production and costume costs

  • No live music. All music needs to be recorded. A small stipend for music rights will be provided if needed

EVERYDAY DANCES will be a one-hour show comprised of short dances in small groupings (solos, duets, trios, quartets), created by numerous San Diego choreographers. There will be ten choreographic works on the program, ranging in length from three to seven minutes long. Five of the works will be new, commissioned choreography by guest artists, and five will be new and existing works by John Malashock. EVERYDAY DANCES will premiere at Mingei Museum’s new performance space in Balboa Park (Nov 5-7) and at Liberty Station (Nov 19-21)