Pay Rates: $35-$50 per class (based on program funding and experience), $14 per hour for meetings

Additional Benefits:
Malashock Dance teachers are able to take any Malashock Class for free
Malashock Dance teachers are able to use the studio for 50% off

We interview teaching artists year-round. Because the Visual and Performing Arts Department and individual schools connect with us throughout the year to set times, dates, and school site schedules, we gather approved and interested teaching artists to create a roster. Once programming begins to solidify, we will reach out to the roster of approved teaching artists to see who is available and interested in teaching at that particular school. At that point we will send employment agreements and work through the process of hiring as a part time employee to deliver the program.

  • Teachers at Malashock Dance report to and work closely with the Outreach Coordinator.
  • Teachers are trusted to create an in-class environment that upholds the mission and Values of Malashock Dance:
    • The mission of Malashock Dance is to provide access to dance as an avenue for artistic expression through performance, education, and creative collaboration.
    • The Malashock Dance School is committed to providing students of all ages and abilities high-quality training while fostering an accepting, inclusive, and supportive environment.
  • Teachers are asked to attend a monthly Faculty meeting – The 1st Thursday of the month at noon. The meeting is offered virtually and in person (paid time).
  • Additional tasks that may be asked of teachers may include but are not limited to (paid time): Helping plan curriculum, offering opinion/feedback on program, assistance with in school culminating performances, speaking with classroom teachers about student and program progress, attending company-wide meetings.

Our Current Covid Policies –

All teachers, students, and staff are required to wear masks in the building.

All Teachers and Staff are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19