Producer Michael Mizerany talks Malashock/RAW!

Malashock/RAW is my cup of tea.  Edgy, daring, sometimes controversial – a chance-taking effort that always proves itself to be a compelling and cutting-edge evening of dance.  To quote John Malashock, “It is not for the faint of heart.”

Though, I sometimes still get asked the question, “What does “RAW” actually mean?”  In the context of Malashock/RAW, it means:

  1. The choreography is fierce and fearless with a decidedly visceral edge;
  2. Themes are thought-provoking and boundary-pushing;
  3. Pieces explore the human condition, very intimate and complicated relationships; and
  4. RAW = Exposed, both emotionally and/or physically

Ultimately, Malashock/RAW is a collaborative production that offers choreographers a “safe place to do unsafe work.” Themes in previous RAWs have included bullying, gender roles, religion, and suicide.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have to mention our most profound collaborators, the Malashock Dance company members.   Not only do they contribute their stellar dancing skills to the process, but they are also asked to portray characters that are unsympathetic, damaged and flawed. They are an inspiring, awesome and committed group of artists.  Having them involved in Malashock/RAW4 is truly a privilege.

RAW4 opens this weekend and it promises to be all of the above and more.  RAW4 packs a wallop – both in the gut and in the heart.

See you at the theater!

Michael Mizerany

Producer, Malashock/RAW4