Malashock_Students_Print_36Malashock Dance opened its school in 2007, greatly expanding its connection to the community through a full spectrum of educational offerings. The Malashock Dance School provides a comprehensive array of modern dance classes, workshops, master classes, and education outreach activities for children, teens, adults, and professional dancers.

Each class is designed to make the experience of dance creative, meaningful, and fun for dancers of all ages and abilities.

What is Creative Dance?
Creative Dance is a systematic and thoughtful curriculum that involves the guided exploration of dance concepts as well as structured improvisation. Our classes are designed to prepare your child for successes well beyond the dance studio, and focus on the building blocks of dance technique as well as social skills, independence, creativity, respect, and tolerance. Students will learn fundamental vocabulary, steps and positions, as well as choreography and sequences of movement. If you have any questions about what your child is learning in class, please talk with the Malashock Dance School Adminstrator or your instructor.

What is Modern Dance?
Modern Dance is a structured genre of dance that incorporates a vast and constantly evolving vocabulary of movement. It can be athletic, fast, slow, high impact, gentle, loud, silent, frantic and still. In classes, you will experience a wide variety of movements, tempos, and emotions. It is an excellent way to get a great workout while listening to a wide variety of music. There’s something for everyone in Modern Dance. Improvisation and your own personal interpretation of dance moves are often used to increase body awareness and tap into a physical expression of your emotions. You name it, you’ll probably find it in a Modern dance class. In its sophistication it has developed many styles and techniques. The beauty of it is that it allows a freer dance, which can be initiated by music or by an internal theme or inspiration. Modern Dance is based on the foundations of techniques developed by artists such as Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Jose Limon, and many others.

For more information, please contact:


Lizette Ortiz

School Administrator

Hours: M-Th 3 – 7 pm

(619) 260-1622 ext 1


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