“30 for 30” Dance Partners Campaign

Malashock Dance Company Dancers demonstrate unparalleled talent and professionalism. Each dancer in our Company has dedicated their life to developing the technical skills, expertise, and artistry that has propelled them onto San Diego stages under the direction of John Malashock. We know that audiences love our dancers as much as we do, and this campaign will connect an individual donor with the dancer they choose to sponsor!

The Dance Partners Campaign is an accessible way to connect with Malashock Dance, that allows you to directly support an individual artist. By sponsoring a dancer, you will directly support your artist’s salary, costumes, and wellness programs throughout the season.

If you have a child or know someone who dreams of becoming a professional dancer, this is a unique way to make a deep and lasting connection. Dance Partners will have special opportunities to visit rehearsals, meet and get to know your dancer, and even get back-stage access at performances!

Dance Partners donations are tax-deductible and can be paid in any increment throughout the year.