What’s in a dancer’s bag?

It’s back-to-school time and we are all taking advantage of the opportunity to find some great new clothes and supplies to start the year off right. This got me thinking about refreshing my dance bag, too. I decided to go to the experts, Malashock Dance Company dancers, and ask what we would find if we peeked into their dance bags. The answers were so fun, unexpected, and helpful that I decided to share them with you!

NS0568.3Nicholas Strasburg:
Tiger balm
Ace bandage wraps



AH0559.3Andrew Holmes:
Home-made protein bars
Liquid bandaid
Tennis balls
Fragrance mist (gotta make sure I always smell nice for my fellow dancers)



DSC_0198Lara Binder:

Balls! – Tennis balls ducked taped together (great for rolling the spine up against a wall), rubber balls large and small (for melt method exercises), squishy golf ball and textured ball (for trigger point therapy) and a foot roller (for general massaging goodness). Balls = Body Maintenance

Protein Bars – because I get cranky when I’m hungry (seriously, it’s like a snickers commercial)

Lap top and grad school books – to get in some research and homework during breaks. I can’t wait to have time to read a fictional book!!!!


JLV0533.3Justin Viernes:
Candy of the chocolate variety (varies between M&Ms and Snickers)
Multiple head/sweat bands
A half-eaten protein bar…I never finish them, and then I leave them in my bag…kinda gross 😉