Job Openings at Malashock Dance

Teaching Jobs:

About our school:

The Malashock Dance School is committed to providing students of all ages and abilities high-quality training while fostering an accepting, inclusive, and supportive environment.

We are currently hiring instructors for the following dance classes –

Adult Classes:
Available Timeslots: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 10-11:30am
Bring your favorite class to teach for Adult students and let’s get you on the schedule!

If you’re interested in teaching with us, please send your resume and cover letter to

Outreach Jobs:

About Malashock Dance Outreach:

The Malashock Dance School creates partnerships and programs that enhance the emotional, physical, and artistic development of thousands of children in our community each year. Our goal is to empower children through creativity and movement, creating great dancers and extraordinary people in the process.

We are currently looking for candidates to teach the following outreach dance classes.

*These teaching positions are based on the needs of each school. The days and times of the program are determined by the availability of the teaching artist as well as the school.

The Liberty School at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station

  • Students participate in dance, music, art, and science classes with organizations in ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station in order to create a hands-on learning environment that supports innovation, re-engagement, and mentorship during school hours.

Math in Motion

  • Math in Motion integrates Math and Dance content is uniquely designed classes that allow students to explore and appreciate math in a creative environment. The program’s innovative approach to dance education includes in-school residencies that integrate grade-level Dance and Math content standards, by adding a physical element to the process of exploring mathematical concepts.

Please send your resume, as well as times that you are available to teach to and our Outreach Coordinator will contact you


Performance Jobs:

Interested in Dancing for Malashock Dance?